1P LSD 150ug


Buy 1P LSD 150ug. LSD Acid Relieves Pain and Anxiety in Terminally Ill Patients. Buy 1p lsd online. order LSD.. Buy LSD UK / Buy LSD USA with secured Shipping.

1P LSD 150ug

Buy lsd online, Buy 1P LSD 150ug. LSD Acid Relieves Pain and Anxiety in Terminally Ill Patients. Buy 1p lsd online. order LSD.. Buy LSD UK / Buy LSD USA with Fast and secured Shipping.


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1P LSD 150mcg is an LSD analogue which appears to be slightly more potent with a shorter duration. 1plsd 150ug Its effects are reported to be extremely similar to LSD, and thus far seems to be similarly safe. Released in late 2014, It has quickly become a highly popular research chemical due to its implicit legality, similarity to LSD and wide availability on the Internet.

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At the same time, a number of novel LSD analogs have recently emerged as recreational drugs, which makes it necessary to study their analytical and pharmacological properties. One recent addition to this series of LSD analogs is 1-butanoyl-LSD (1B-LSD), a constitutional isomer of 1-propanoyl-6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide (1P-ETH-LAD), another LSD analog that was described previously.


1P LSD 150mcg Importance

Helps people suffering from anxiety , disorder , depression , severe pains , moreover there are some side effects of ACID.


1P LSD 150ug Effects

  1. euphoria
  2. empathy
  3. insight
  4. brightened colour
  5. visual effects with closed and open eyes
  6. enhanced tactile sensation
  7. mental/physical stimulation
  8. decreased appetite


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Harm potential

Not Habit-Forming



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