O.G. Kush Brownie


O.G Kush Brownie For Sale – Buy OG Kush Brownie – Buy OG Kush brownies. O.G Kush is a unique product with an exotic plant from Florida and the Netherlands Roots with Indian roots…

The famous OG Kush strain has been mixed with our brownie recipe to create this killer dessert. OG stands for Original Gangster in Amsterdam slang, while “Kush” refers to Oceanic grown cannabis originating from California or other west coast cities like Vancouver. This delicious treat will have you feeling like the ultimate bad boy!

O.G Kush Brownie

Ingredients of OG Kush Brownies

O.G Kush Brownie For Sale – Buy OG Kush Brownie Online – Buy OG Kush brownies online

O.G Kush is a unique product with an exotic plant from Florida and the Netherlands with Indian roots, making each strain of this marijuana cross different cultures at once! You will love its taste- spicy but not too much, so you can enjoy every note as it comes through on your palate. Plus, there are herbal notes for added depth which give way to terpenes like citrus or pepper flavours depending on what mood strikes. Life seems perfect again after enjoying these delicious brownies together.

Benefits and Flavours of OG Kush Brownies

The O.G. Kush brownie is a must-have for those feeling down and need to get their mood back on track! The sweet flavour will lift your happy hormones and cool off the nerves of anxiety or stress- making this dish perfect as an ice cream substitute when you’re in bed. Simple pleasures really can make all the difference between getting some much needed restful sleep (especially during hot summer months).

The taste of this brownie is unique from other products by Cannabis Bakehouse. A mixture of pepper and citrus flavours will relax your body while also cooling it down with their zesty flavour! These goodies are not only delicious but can make you feel mature in equal measures they’re sure to be the perfect comfort food for all ages. The dark chocolate appearance paired up nicely against its dense composure makes these treats irresistible. Who doesn’t love eating something sweet after dinner?

Usage and Storage of OG Kush Brownies

O.G Kush Brownies are a perfect snack to take at any time of the day! They’re ideal alongside beverages such as tea and coffee, but they also go great together with cannabis-infused honey for extra energy or try adding some marijuana-infused brownie mix into your favourite recipe – like cookies. To store them for later use, wrap them up in the covering in which it is delivered, and refrigerate them for later use.


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